5 months old

Time is flying and this little girl is now 5 months old!


She has grown up so much this month and is making amazing progress. She now is starting to figure out how to move and will scoot along on her belly if in the right mood. She can’t quite figure out how to support herself on her arms just yet but I have a feeling as soon as she does she will be crawling every where!


She has started watching baby sign language videos and absolutely loves them! She could be in the fussiest mood but if we set her in her jumper and turn on those videos she immediately gets so happy. I hope that within a few months she will start to learn how to do some of the signs she is watching!

She has such a funny little personality and can always make us laugh in one way or another.

She is growing up so fast and we love every minute we get to spend with her!

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Happy New Year!

We started off 2014 with a bang when Zoe was diagnosed with a double ear infection. At first it didn’t seem to bother her much but the past few days have been rough. Poor little thing just feels rotten šŸ˜¦ But she is on medication and hopefully we will get our happy girl back very soon!

This month she has developed SO much! She went from being a pretty stationary baby at 3 months to an on-the-go mover at 4 months. At 3 1/2 months she rolled from her back to her tummy, a week later she learned how to roll from her tummy to her back so she is on the move!


She also learned not only how to grab her feet, but stick them in her mouth. They are her new favorite toy. Everything goes directly into her mouth these days. We started giving her a bit of rice cereal and it has been really fun to watch her try to figure out how to eat off a spoon.

We had the chance to have my Aunt who is a photographer take some photos of our girl and the pictures turned out so beautiful! But then again every photo she is in is beautiful. She is so funny because she is becoming used to being told how pretty she is. Every time you tell her she is pretty she busts out into a grin. Silly girl!


We hope 2014 brings you much joy and peace!


Trisha, Jordan and Zoƫ

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3 months old and Thanksgiving

Zoƫ bug turned 3 months old on Saturday! Where did my little newborn go? She has become so active and fun lately. Her newest thing is to pretty much squeal all day long. Jordan was taking care of her at 6:00am one morning and all I could hear was squeals of joy coming from the room. She is so excited to try and communicate and she thinks she is pretty funny, which she is.







She is very obsessed with blowing spit bubbles and eating her entire fist. Good times.

For Thanksgiving we drove to Las Vegas to meet up with my family. It was so fun to watch them all interact with her and have her spend some quality time with them.







And of course Thanksgiving is not complete without a pretty dress then a long Thanksgiving nap.




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Zoƫ picture explosion!

We got our new camera so ZoĆ« has been the subject of many photo sessions. She is starting to show SO much personality and is becoming so much fun to play with. She is definitely a little shy though. At home she squeals and chatters for hours, but as soon as we get around other people she clams up. She doesn’t mind other people holding her though, she will go to anyone and calmlyĀ watch the world around her.













032 (1)





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2 months old and Halloween





Our camera died right before Halloween so sadly the only pictures came from my iPhone. I wish they were better quality. But our new camera should be here soon so much better pictures to come!

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8 weeks old

Last week ZoĆ« had her 8 week checkup! I can’t believe how big she is getting!



She weighed 9lbs 13.5oz (20%), 22.25 inches long (49%) and in the 55th percentile for her head size. Such a big jump from her 4 week appointment! She is now actively smiling and making a lot of noises. She has become so aware of her surroundings and loves to follow her daddy with her eyes when he gets home from work.

This past weekend we took a mini-trip to the Sequoia National Park for our (6th!) anniversary.




Jordan channeled a Tree Bear.

We had a great time exploring the parks and visiting all the big trees.




It was our first official trip as a family of 3, something that we look forward to doing again and again in the future. We sure love and can’t get enough of this little girl!





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4 weeks old

Today Zoƫ is 4 weeks old! She had her 1 months wellness check today and is doing fantastic! She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz (15%), was 20.35 inches long (12%) and was in the 55% for her head size. A big noggin apparently. Everything is checking out good and the doctor is very pleased with her development. She is now able to track you with her eyes and is recognizing voices.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


Our friends threw us an incredible baby shower when we arrived home. It was so much fun! We have such amazing friends out here in California.

IMG_1544 IMG_1548 IMG_1554 IMG_1584 IMG_1600 IMG_1611 IMG_1622 IMG_1658 IMG_1686 IMG_1699 IMG_1719 IMG_1743 IMG_1762 IMG_1826 IMG_1839 IMG_1854 IMG_1860 IMG_1866


I was finally able to get a video of Zoƫ snoring. Yes, she snores. It almost sounds like a purr. Its sorta quite in the video, but in real life it is surprisingly loud for how small she is. Such a silly girl.

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